Rewiring how journalism works


Civil enables a radically open approach to fact-based, responsible journalism with an Ethereum-based, ad-free marketplace of "newsrooms" and "stations".

Journalism needs a radically new operating paradigm.

Media innovation and consumer behavior trends over the past 20 years have eroded the business model of journalism, leading to shrinking coverage throughout the ecosystem, increasing reliance on an unsympathetic advertising industry, and record-low public trust in mainstream media.

However, this same wave of innovation also yielded progress in social networking, global marketplaces, and massively collaborative self-governing systems, including the recent invention and development of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cryptoeconomic business models.

We propose a solution called Civil.

Civil is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that can be used to create “newsrooms” and “stations” — blockchain-based marketplaces where citizens and journalists form communities around a shared purpose and set of standards, financially support factual reporting and investigative work, and substantially limit misinformation through effective collaborative-editing methods. The net result is a self-sustaining global marketplace for journalism free from ads, fake news, and outside influence.



What comes next for Civil is only as good as the people that are a part of it. Our community is expanding rapidly with high-minded individuals eager to contribute, deliver feedback.

Curious as to how you can help?

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Founding Team
Matthew Iles
Lillian Ruiz
Stephanie Soussloff

OldTown Media
Josh Benson
Katherine Leher
Tom McGeveran

Jake Brukhman
Alex Bulkin
Alex Felix
Oleg Golubov

Decentralized Legal
Chris Padovano


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